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How To Make Money With A Computer With No Startup Cost: A Practical Guide

May 10, 2022


Are you ready to learn how to quit working an hourly or salaried job, and start your own online business using your computer so that you can live life on your own terms?

This practical guide will walk you through the basics of what you need to do to realistically start earning money online. Even if you have no experience, this guide for how to make money with a computer will explain everything. If you have the patience to watch an engaging 40 minute video, you have what it takes to make money online. In fact, most people have a hard time NOT making money with a computer after watching this tutorial. How much money are you going to make this year using your computer?

How does making money with a computer really work?

Making money using a computer is much easier than most people think. Contrary to the advice of many flashy guru's and their grind 24/7 hustle-core mentalities, you actually don't even need to spend all day glued to a screen to make it happen! Although you will need to make a conscious and sustained effort, making money online can be as easy as sharing links on social media once you understand how it all works. I know that seems too good to be true, but just watch the entire tutorial above, and your doubts will soon be replaced with enthusiasm for your new side-hustle!

The most legit way to earn money with a computer is through affiliate marketing

So, what is affiliate marketing? The easiest way to understand affiliate marketing is to think of it as being a commission-only salesperson. In other words, instead of receiving an hourly wage or getting a salary, affiliate marketers are paid strictly based on how many sales they make. The down side to affiliate marketing is that if you make no sales, you earn no money. On the flip side, many people love being affiliate marketers because it is one of the few professions where a professional can earn a truly unlimited salary! Not to mention, affiliate marketers have the luxury of working remotely, working from home, or even working from anywhere!

You may have even heard rumors about affiliate marketers making money with a computer in their sleep, or while on vacation...

The truth is, all you need is an internet connected device to start earning a full time living from affiliate marketing. If you have a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or desktop, you can learn how to make money with a computer from anywhere in the word, just by creating content. Of course you will also have to drive traffic (get views) on your content, but don't worry: the "how to make money with a computer" tutorial above will show you how to do that too!

Can you make money with a computer without spending any money?

The best thing about making money with a computer is that it doesn't require any form of investment to get started (assuming you already own a computer!) While in general the saying is true that "it takes money to make money," in the case of making money with a computer, it is actually possible to make money starting with no money.

Instead, if you don't have any money to invest in your online business, you can get traffic using a strategy known as organic marketing. In other words, you can get free traffic to your affiliate links using social media marketing or search engine optimization (SEO.) The way SEO works is simple. In order to get free traffic from Google search results, all you need to do is optimize your content with the proper keywords, and build some backlinks.

What tools do you need to make money using a computer?

I like using this tool to find keywords, this one to create content, and this one to create backlinks. Using just these three tools alone (as described in the video above) I have been able to generate thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions for multiple products! One of the best parts about making money with a computer doing affiliate marketing is the freedom to promote whatever products you like. If you like camping, you can promote camping products. If you like bowling, you can promote bowling products. If you like fashion, promote fashion. And so on...

Truly successful affiliate marketers are the ones who make money with a computer doing exactly what they love. The one thing to note about all of this is that people can tell if you are being fake when promoting affiliate products online. for example if you are just promoting a product to make money, but you don't actually use or like the product, your content probably won't be very engaging, and therefor, you probably won't make many sales. On the other hand, if you promote products you love, your enthusiasm will shine through, your viewers will love your content, they'll buy your products, and you'll make a ton of money!

* I hope... I am not a financial advisor, and these statements have not been evaluated by anyone. Also, I may make money if you purchase anything linked to from this page! So thanks!