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How To Make A Website For Your Band For Free (And Fast!)

Nov 18, 2022


So, you need a website for your band...

Even if you know nothing about websites, you can have a professionaly looking website for your band live later today using this simple drag-and-drop website builder, and following along with the video tutorial above!

Creating a website for your band doesn't have to be difficult. These days, bands can create their own website in minutes using premade templates, and even sell products like downloads or T shirts from their own online band store. This platform has all of the tools you'll ever need to market your band and grow your audience base. From an intuitive website builder, to an online store builder, to video hosting, to automated email sequences, this website builder has everything a growing band could need to start monetizing their audience.

Creating a website for your band is simple. The first thing you'll want to do is create your homepage. Your home page is where your fans (and people searching for the type of music you play) will find you online. Then, once you have your band's home page set up, you'll want to start creating the other pages of your bands website. You may want a page for your genre, a page for your location, a page for tour dates, merch, etc. You will need to create these pages individually, unless you use the pre-made pages available in the template section.

Once you have the pages for your band's website built, the next step is creating your products and store. In addition to having information about your band on your website, you'll also want to be able to sell your music and merch. The reason this platform is so great for bands is because you can sell digital downloads (such as songs or videos) directly from your website, all on one platform! What's cool is you can even create and sell band merch from within the app, by setting up a POD (print on demand) or drop shipping store!