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How To Get Your Hands On Feastables (The Mr. Beast Chocolate Bar)

Nov 16, 2022

Where to buy Feastables: The Mr. Beast Chocolate Bar

Mr. Beast has conquered YouTube, and now he is moving on to conquer the fast food industry with his burger chain Mr. Beast Burger, and now he is looking to conquer the candy industry too, with his new chocolate bar called Feastables.

The Mr. Beast chocolate bar called Feastables is already an irresistible hit to fans everywhere, as they scramble to get their hands on the beastly goodness. But not everybody can find Mr. Beast chocolate bars for sale near them. Not to worry, Amazon to the rescue! Thanks to Amazon, you can now have the Mr. Beast chocolate bar delivered directly to your door. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you may be able to have the Mr. Beast chocolate bar delivered later today, if you place your order soon enough!

Is the Mr. Beast chocolate bar any good?

So, is the new Mr. Beast chocolate bar actually any good? Well, only if you like rich, creamy chocolate made from high quality ingredients. Feastables are made with only 4 ingredients, so you know they are toxin free and earth friendly. Plus, don't forget: buying a Mr. Beast chocolate bar is the only way to get your hands on a Mystery Ticket! There are only 10 Mystery Tickets, so be sure to grab a MrBeast chocolate bar for your chance to tour his chocolate factory!

The Mr. Beast choclate bars have Amazing reviews on Amazon, and come in a variety of flavors including original, milk chocolate, almond chocolate, sea salt choclate, and quinoa crunch. If you are a chocolate lover, you'll rejoice, because Mr. Beast chocolates don't taste cheap like other brands. For the price, Mr. Beast choclate bars are actually a great value, because many people say they taste like much more expensive chocolates.