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How To Do CTR Manipulation: Everything You Need To Know About Black Hat SEO Techniques In 2022

Sep 07, 2021

New training reveals the top clickthrough rate manipulation methods working now for black hat seo!

Check out the videos below to learn how to manipulate clickthrough rates, and rank number one on YouTube and Google for pennies on the dollar!

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Does CTR Manipulation Still Work In 2021?

Yes, ctr manipulation, or clickthrough rate manipulation still works in 2021. CTR manipulation is a very powerful technique for ranking on the first page of Google, because it sends very powerful signals to the Google algorithm that your content is engaging, and satisfying the queries of searchers.

Will CTR Manipulation Still work in 2022?

Yes! Ctr manipulation will always work, because measuring click through rates is how the YouTube and Google algorithm sort and categorize content. The content gets indexed in the serps (search engine results page) based on how much engagement it gets, among other factors. However, a search session ending on your content will always be one of the most powerful signals, and therefor ranking factors for showing up on page one of Google.

What SEO Companies Teach CTR Manipulation?

Currently, James Jernigan SEO has the best CTR Manipulation tactics. He has been consistent ranking videos and websites #1 on Google for extremely competitive (And expensive) keywords using his Microworkers template. You can grab it here for $1...

Where can I learn CTR Manipulation?

You can learn CTR manipulation for free here on YouTube. These instructional CTR manipulation videos will teach you everything you need to know about clickthrough rate manipulation and black hat seo.

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