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How To Configure Your Icons In Groovepages: How To Setup Your Social Media Links

Mar 31, 2021

This short video will quickly show you how to set your icons as links in Groovepages.

Most commonly, this is done to link your social media profiles to the corresponding icons or logos when building your website, or setting up your page. The process of configuring the icon link is as simple as clicking on the icon, selecting "configure" from the menu on the right, and then setting the "Link to" option to the "URL" setting. This is where you will paste the link you want your icon (or social media logo) to go to.

In addition to social media logos, Groovefunnels comes with tons of different icons and logos built right in, meaning you won't have to spend hours searching for ones that match when building your next website! Did I mention they let you build three (3) websites completely for free? Those free websites could be a blog, an online store, membership website, or even sales funnel. That's right... No credit card required!

What is even cooler about Groovefunnels is their affiliate program (especially for upgraded lifetime platinum members.) Groovefunnels currently offers free members 25% commission on all sales, however upgraded members earn 40%! That means that if you upgrade and make just 3 sales through your affiliate link, Groovefunnels has already paid for itself and made you a profit! And that is just by sharing a link, let alone all of the powerful marketing and automation capabilities it puts in your hands!

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