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How Peng Joon's Extremely Biased Groovefunnels Review Backfired

Mar 26, 2021

Peng Joon is willing to bet his left nut that Groovefunnels won't be around or profitable in 5 years...

The problem is, this is coming from the same guy who recently invested 10k dollars into virtual land. That's right, Earth 2.0. Oh yeah, which he obviously has an affiliate link for down below! Some affiliate marketers will do or say just about anything to get you to click and buy. Does this guy even believe the words coming out of his own mouth?

Doubtful, considering he would not have even made this video to acknowledge Groovefunnels if it wasn't a real threat to his beloved Clickfunnels. Which by the way, is a great (albeit way overpriced) software. The problem here, is that Groovefunnels is better. Way better. Like lightyears ahead better, and Peng Joon knows it. Why else would he have spent the time making this overly flamboyant video about it?

His biggest mistake was not including an affiliate link for Groove CRM below his video, because you can see for yourself in the comments how many people were intrigued to check it out, and wondered why he was busy making a video trash talking another business, instead of building his own.

The most hilarious part is when he covers the features offered by Groove Digital; and explains how it literally replaces the need for thousands of dollars worth of software while saving hours of time. While preaching that the best part about Clickfunnels is that it is expensive, and you have to pay for it every single month. Oh... And that the worst part about Groovefunnels is that anyone can sign up free, without a credit card.