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Gaining Tiktok Followers - How To Grow Your Tiktok Account Like A Pro In 2023

Nov 17, 2022

Gaining Tiktok Followers - How To Grow Your Tiktok Account Like A Pro In 2023

Are you ready to get serious about video marketing, and take your social media following to the next level fast? You need to start gaining Tiktok followers, and this hot new course will show you how!


Gaining Tiktok followers is no easy feat for most people, but that's because they haven't figured out how to crack the Tiktok algorithm. Lucky for you, you found this page, and therefore have unlocked the secret to gaining Tiktok followers fast. The secret to gaining Tiktok followers can be found inside James Jernigan's Make Money On Tiktok Course. This step-by-step course will show you exactly what kind of short form videos work on Tiktok, and how to create videos that go viral every time, so that you can start gaining Tiktok followers.

How gaining Tiktok followers works:

Gaining Tiktok followers is easy once you've on the right side of the Tiktok algorithm. Unfortunately, most people post videos over and over again without taking the time to understand how the Tiktok algorithm works, which means they get very little views, and don't gain followers.

In order to get the Tiktok algorithm to promote your videos so that you can start gaining Tiktok followers, you need to start each video with a powerful hook. Many people think the secret to getting the Tiktok algorithm to make your video go viral is using the right hashtag, or a popular trending sound. While these tactics can help more people find your Tiktok video, they won't necessarily help you get more views or followers. The Tiktok algorithm tracks watch time, so if you want your video to get a lot of views, you need to create engaging videos that get watched to completion. In other words, if you want to start gaining followers, you need to create better videos, and that starts with your hooks.

Starting each and every Tiktok video with a powerful hook is the best way to get people to stop scrolling and watch your video. If you can get the majority of people to stop scrolling and watch 100% or more of your video, the Tiktok algorithm with promote your video on the For You Page (FYP.) Getting your video on the FYP is the best way to start gaining Tiktok followers fast. It is not uncommon for Tiktok videos that reach the For You Page to get hundreds of thousands, or even millions of views. So, if you want to start gaining Tiktok followers, the best course of action is to get your videos on Tiktok's For You Page.


Why you aren't gaining Tiktok followers

People often wonder why they aren't gaining followers on Tiktok, despite posting new videos daily. Unfortunately, posting daily is not enough to start gaining Tiktok followers. If you are posting to Tiktok on a consistent schedule, but your videos still aren't getting views, don't worry! There is a perfectly logical (and fixable) reason that your Tiktok videos aren't getting any views, and why you aren't gaining Tiktok followers.

In order to start gaining Tiktok followers, you will need to adjust your Tiktok strategy. Instead of just posting random videos whenever you feel like it, start posting videos on the same topic consistently. In other words, niche down and find your target audience. Look at other viral videos in your niche, and replicate them with your own style. Use what is already working on Tiktok, and use viral trends to gain followers.

The most important thing to focus on as a new Tiktoker is starting your video with a strong hook that keeps the viewers attention, so they continue watching your Tiktok instead of scrolling. If you can keep users of the Tiktok app watching your video, you can get it shown to more people, and rack up views. The more views your Tiktok video gets, the bigger your chance of gaining Tiktok followers!

What to do once you start gaining Tiktok followers:

Once you've started gaining Tiktok followers, it's time to start building your email list. The problem with developing a large following on Tiktok (or any social media platform) is that you don't technically own your profile, so it could disappear at any time. You could be banned, or blocked, or get hacked, or otherwise lose access to your account. If that happens, and you haven't turned your Tiktok following into an email list, you are going to be in big trouble! And it happens a lot, too. I have had multiple accounts deleted. Austin Armstrong, a viral Tiktok sensation in the marketing and SEO niche also had his Tiktok account deleted...

The way to prevent losing your Tiktok account and following is to convert your Tiktok audience into an email list. The way you do that is simple. Put a link to join your email list in your Tiktok profile, and then create short videos that end with a call-to-action telling people to click your profile and join your list. Of course, it helps if you have a freebie or lead magnet to give away in exchange for Tiktokers email addresses. This way, when you start gaining a following on Tiktok, you will also have your followers email addresses, so you can send them offers over and over again. Even if your Tiktok account gets banned or deleted, you can still reach out to your followers and make money!