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Free Kindergarten Sight Word Games For Teachers - FREE DOWNLOAD!

Apr 04, 2022


Free Kindergarten Sight Word Games For Teachers - FREE DOWNLOAD!

These free sight word games will help increase your students recognition and comprehension skills. Download and print out these fun sight word games to play with the children in your class and make learning fun. These sight word games are best for pre-k through second grade students.

Identifying letters, words, and the sounds they make are some of the toughest challenges for our little ones. Learning how to see words and pronounce them out loud is critical for child development during the pre-k, kindergarten, and first grade ages, which is why sight word games are exploding in popularity.

But teachers are already busy enough. Most kindergarten teachers just do not have the time to develop their own sight word games, or even spend much time looking for them online. That is why we decided to make these printable sight word games available for teachers everywhere. These sight word games were developed by kindergarten teachers, for kindergarten teachers!