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Facebook Group Engagement Posts: 5 Simple Hacks For Getting More Reach On Facebook

May 04, 2022


Facebook Group Engagement Posts: 5 Simple Hacks For Getting More Reach On Facebook

If you're looking for Facebook group engagement posts, this video will explain exactly how to get more views, likes, and comments in your Facebook groups. By implementing these five simple hacks, you should have no problem growing your Facebook audience to more than one thousand people in less than a month!

The first step to getting more organic engagement on Facebook is to start making at least one positive post everyday.

You'll also want to post a video showing your face at least once a week. Video is currently the most popular form of content, and you'll want to take advantage of not only it's exploding popularity, but it's powerful potential for forming human connections.

The second step to getting more engagement on Facebook is to delete dead followers.

Believe it or not, if you're looking to get more engagement on Facebook, one of the best things you can do to start out is thinning out your following to only include the people most interested in your posts. That way, a higher percentage of your followers engage with your posts, and the Facebook algorithm will be more likely to increase your reach, and share your post with more users. Plus, there is no point in taking up one of your 5000 friend slots with someone who doesn't see or care about your post. We are looking for people who will engage!

The third step is to getting more reach on Facebook is joining relevant groups in your niche.

Depending on your niche and the size of your audience, it is a good idea to join 5-20 Facebook groups where your target audience is likely hanging out. People who engage with your posts in Facebook groups can start seeing your posts in their feed, so it's a great way to reach new followers, and get people who are not on your friends list seeing your posts. Make sure you choose groups that interest you, because you will need to post in these Facebook groups, and engage with members on an ongoing basis if you want to grow your reach and get more engagement.

The fourth step to getting more reach is by posting Facebook group engagement posts.

Facebook group engagement posts are like loaded questions; they are designed to trigger a response from group members in the form of likes or comments. One of the easiest forms of Facebook group engagement posts is asking stupid questions in Facebook groups; and I do mean STUPID! The dumber the question, the more likely people are to succumb to their irresistible urge to look smart, correct you, or even pitch you their products or services. Each time they do, they are basically introducing you to their entire audience, as their comment will show up in their followers feed.

The fifth and most obvious hack for getting more reach on Facebook is only accepting friends with real profile pictures.

While this may seem obvious, it is easy to get lazy and just start accepting every friend request that comes our way. After all, we are trying to grow our profiles, increase our reach, and get more engagement. But remember, followers who don't see your posts and engage with them are pointless. That means you shouldn't waste your time on profiles with a logo, cartoon character, celebrity, or anything other than a human face. Overly professional headshots can also be a dead giveaway of a fake profile, however some people actually use professionally shot profile pictures, which makes it hard to tell. The point is, you want to do your best to make sure your friends and followers are real people seeking a human connection.

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