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CTR Manipulation Training: The Ultimate Black Hat Guide To Manipulating Click Through Rates For SEO

Jul 29, 2021

Best Click Through Rate CTR Manipulation Tutorial For Ranking Number One

Ok, so you actually want to try and fool Google's billion dollar algorithm?

What are you hiding from Google?

Why should this article even be on the internet if nobody is using it to rank for anything important? We wouldn't put a guide like this out just so people could have fun on their websites. This isn't a clickbait article- we're going to show you step by step how ctr manipulation can be used to dominate SERP's and steal customers away from competitors, often with little investment in time or money.


The Ultimate Black Hat Guide To Manipulating Click Through Rates For SEO:

The truth is that when it comes to ctr manipulation, there is no such thing as an ultimate guide because CTR isn't the same on every website- EVERY niche and website has different amounts of competition. Depending on your competitors budget, you could still be fighting an uphill battle. But don't worry, my microworkers ctr template can help get you started for just $1!

The good news is that you are in complete control of how much effort you want to put into ctr manipulation.

For example, let's suppose I start a blog about the best selling video game of 2017: Madden 18 . I will have no competition from other blogs because there isn't really anyone else writing about madden 18 in 2022.

So basically, if I wanted to do all the work myself and not spend a single penny on advertising, I could easily rank #1 for this keyword using old fashioned white hat seo.

However, I am really lazy and don't like writing articles so all I want to do is generate as much traffic as possible without doing any work. My plan would be to hire a cheap freelancer in the Philippines or some other country to write me hundreds of articles about madden 18.

I will also use these articles to create thousands of backlinks for my website and submit them on sites that rank highly in Google - this is called guest posting . After around 6 months or so, if everything goes according to plan, I should be able to get my site up there pretty quickly using old fashioned white hat seo techniques.

But let's forget about SEO for a moment because it's actually going to take too long.

Instead, what we want to do is rank on page one of Google for high competition, high value keywords. And we want to do it fast!

The problem is, there isn't much information about black hat techniques out there. Most of the posts I've seen just mention things like "Ah... yeah... don't try this." or "We're not going to discuss that here."

So I decided to do some research myself and have found several interesting ways for people like you and me (who don't want to spend a year building up their brand) to manipulate Google's click through rates, and rank for keywords that actually matter. What kind of keywords? How about "best seo on earth" or "#1 seo agency 2021." Go ahead and check... I currently hold the number one spot on Google for both of these keywords thanks to CTR manipulation. You can also find my logo on page one for "Optician NYC." If this technique works for a doctor in the most crowded city in America, you can be sure it will work for your keywords too!

What Is CTR Manipulation?

The click through rate is an important part of Google's search algorithm. It calculates how many people clicked and found the result relevant, compared to those who didn't find it relevant (and therefore ignored it). Googles main goal is simple: To give users what they want, in the most efficient way possible. In order to accomplish this task, they have built their algorithm around providing results with high click through rates (how likely you are to click on a particular link), because obviously if searchers keep finding what they need on page 5, moving that information to page 1 would save time.

While Google used to rely on data like keywords and meta-data to determine the relevance of a page, technology has advanced to the point where such data is secondary. These days, Google tracks everything during your internet session. Not only clicks, but where your mouse hovers, how long you stop to look at a certain image, and how fast you scroll. All of this information helps Google determine what is happening on a page. If you're confused, just take a look at your Google analytics. This data is compiled to show how people interact with the web pages on your site. For example, if your video thumbnail on Youtube has more than 80% of viewers clicking past it within 20 seconds, then that thumbnail is essentially useless for driving engagement (note: you can change this by making it more interesting).

If we know that Google tracks these things, then there is potential to manipulate them to our advantage! As an example using Youtube's auto-complete feature; let's say I am trying to rank better for the keyword "digital marketing". The auto fill suggestions in the drop down will be determined based off of what other users are searching for. It's common knowledge that professional SEO's use these suggestions to find vulnerable, low-competition keywords that can fetch a big profit.

Now image you knew exactly how to artificially create the exact set of signals Google is looking for when determining where to rank content. This rank manipulation process is called click through rate (CTR) manipulation . In my experience in the industry, click through rate has proven to be the most effective way to beat Google's algorithm.

Click Through Rate Manipulation Explained

This CTR manipulation guide will teach you how to inflate your website's click-through-rate by using little known black hat SEO techniques. It's not easy for a beginner to learn these things and it can take years of practice or even money spent on expensive courses just to get started. Image if instead you could have done all this research yourself and tested out different methods within a few hours? The content provided here comes from trial and error, as well as studying much more advanced sources which cost thousands of dollars per year.

The best part is, it is actually way easier and cheaper to accomplish than you think! This method actually uses a service called Microworkers to get the clicks we need. By hiring people to do micro-tasks (such as complete a specific search, and click on your website) we can drive as much search traffic as we need until our site ranks where we want it to. Why? Because now that we know exactly what signals Google tracks, we can artificially create them! Now, of course Google never actually reveals these secrets officially, but thanks to tons of experimentation, we have a pretty darn good idea what the Goog wants. Not only that, but I have boiled it down to a simple one-page template that you can grab here for $1, replace my keyword with yours, and start doing CTR using Microworkers today!

Click through rate (CTR) is a great metric to track if you're looking for ways to manipulate the Google algorithm in your favor and get as much search traffic from it as humanly possible. It's simple: the more people who click on your website when they see it in search results, the better.

Well why wouldn't you want more of that? The more people who click your links when they do searches related to what you know about, the stronger position you put yourself in. The funny thing is, SEO used to be really complicated and technical. But now, thanks to technology, getting massive amounts of internet traffic is relatively easy for those of you clever enough to hire Microworkers using my template.

CTR Manipulation Template For MicroWorkers

So if it really works so well, why hasn't Google stopped you, and why are you selling it for only a buck? Fair questions. To answer the first: they can't! Ok, technically they could, but it would probably be more trouble than it is worth to identify and disregard this type of paid traffic, because it is EXACTLY what Google wants organic users to do, only you are paying someone to do it. You aren't clogging up the networks with bots, or doing anything else nefarious. Since you are literally just paying someone to use the internet, there isn't much Google can (or wants) to do about it. That's also why my template is only one dollar; this is not some black-magic voodoo. It's just a really simple process anyone can follow to rank their content higher in search results. Enjoy!


Want to learn even more about CTR manipulation in 2021? After you grab my template, be sure to check out the full tutorial available on the next page! This ctr manipulation training will show you step-by-step the entire process I use when hiring and running an SEO campaign using Microworkers. In fact, this video shows the entire setup I used to rank my video on the first page of YouTube for "CTR Manipulation" so you can literally watch me do it live! Then, you can setup the exact same click through rate manipulation campaign for your own keywords!