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Crazy Black Hat YouTube Hack For Ranking Videos Number One In Search Results

Jul 09, 2022


Are you looking for a quick hack to rank your YouTube videos on the first page of search results?

This training will show you how to manipulate the algorithm, so that your videos rank every single time you upload. This black hat YouTube ranking technique works by manipulating the amount of searches views and watch time your video gets. Since the YouTube algorithm measures CTR (click through rate) and watch time, by artificially increasing these metrics, you can easily rank your videos at the top of search results, virtually overnight!

Also known as clickthrough rate manipulation, this technique involves sending paid views to your videos. In the past, sneaky YouTubers would use bot views to accomplish CTR manipulation, but it wasn't long until the YouTube algorithm was able to detect bot views, and even ban some people caught using them. However, a more effective way of doing CTR manipulation on YouTube that the algorithm can't detect is hiring real people to search for and watch your videos. Click the red link above to learn exactly why this technique works so well!