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Cold War Zombies Dark Ops: How To Unlock All Challenges!

Apr 12, 2022

Cold War Zombies Dark Ops: How To Unlock All Challenges!

Dark Ops Challenge - How to Complete All 13 Zombies Challenges:

  1. Social Distancing: Reach Round 20 without getting hit.
  2. Good Enough: Reach Round 20 using only your starting load out and no upgrades.
  3. Harbinger of Doom: Kill 50 enemies with a single support.
  4. Invincible: Reach Round 30 without going down.
  5. Box Addict: Buy every weapon from the mystery box in a single game.
  6. Armed to the Teeth: Have 2 Fully Upgraded weapons with Ammo Mods and all 6 perks in one game.
  7. The Anvil Exfil: a game with only using melee attacks.
  8. Checkmate: Play every single trial in Die Maschine in a single game.
  9. Evil Unleashed: Complete the Easter Egg.
  10. Another Round?: Reach round 100.
  11. Pristine Pelt: In Dead Ops Arcade, defeat Mamaback in the final round without ever dying.
  12. Reaper of the Undead: Kill 1,000,000 enemies.
  13. King of Silverbacks: In Dead Ops Arcade, earn a cumulative high score of 999,999,999.

This guide will show you exactly how to complete all Zombies challenges in Call Of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War. Each challenge requires you to complete specific tasks during a Zombies match. Some COD Cold War zombie challenges require you to use particular weapons, and other challenges require you to make it through the match with a certain amount of health left. Other Black Ops zombie challenges require you to kill a specific amount of enemies.