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Client Data Management Software

May 20, 2022

Client Data Management Software

Manage client data more efficiently than ever before with this new client data management software! This software will let you create forms, collect leads, and fully automate your email marketing. From landing pages, to text message (SMS) marketing, to fully automated webinars, this client data management software will let you automate virtually your entire online business, without needing to hire a professional data manager.

What's Included With The Client Data Management Software?

Among the client data you can manage is: customer name, customer address, customer email address, customer phone number, customer company, and much more. You can even manage customer data such as what actions a customer (or potential customer) takes on your website. You can manage the data of each customer throughout the sales journey, and tag them based on what actions they took in your funnel. This includes cart abandons, upsells, down-sells, lead magnets, webinar attendance, email opens, and much more.