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Can Artificial Intelligence Create Marketing Videos Automatically? Are Bot-Made Videos Any Good?

May 11, 2021

Unbelievable AI robots marketing videos

You will not believe the marketing videos AI robots can produce!

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Do you remember the first time you saw a computer generate an image of what your face would look like in 20 years? It was probably terrifying, right? Well, the same thing is happening with marketing videos. AI robots are now producing marketing videos that will make your jaw drop. They can take any content and produce a video to match it perfectly - which means they could be the future of marketing!

AI robots are producing marketing videos for the travel industry, the medical field, and more. And they're not just rendering a video like an artist would these AI robots are able to recreate the nuances of what you say in their videos as well. Most people can't believe the marketing videos these AI robots can produce nowadays. If you're interested in seeing what the future of marketing videos looks like, take a look at this blog post. We'll show you how AI robots are taking over the industry and producing their own video content for various companies. You can now believe in AI robots for making marketing videos for businesses.

What is AI

AI is a type of technology that's embedded in a given item and can either provide an informational service or react to the environment. Basically, AI is the intelligence behind your computer system. AI isn't all just one thing, it takes on many forms. For example: if you're reading this blog post then there are many types of AI at play such as the browser used for displaying text; the software program powering the page layout; various websites that point to us etc. Another type of AI is when computers execute specific tasks based on rules and algorithms set by humans.

What are AI ROBOTS

Ai robot is a type of robot that has artificial intelligence. The AI ROBOTS can be a computer program using advanced data processing to perform tasks which are normally reserved for humans such as playing chess or Go, driving cars from one place to another and even the production of marketing videos!

How Ai robots produce marketing video

Ai Robots use the same techniques as humans to produce marketing videos. It gathers data on the target audience, product or service, draft a script based on this research, storyboard the video sequence using graphics software packages such as Adobe Photoshop, produce robotic natural voice or record voiceover in a studio with professional talent for narration and sound effects. Uploading these videos online can increase the engagement levels of your business dramatically. The unbelievable part is that you can automate these tasks by saving time when there's a need for new content, no more waiting around for someone to complete your project.

Pro and cons of marketing video by AI robots

Many advantages for the marketing video by the robot, such as quick and easy to create new marking video at any time. AI robots never compromise with the quality of the video, the output is always perfect. The best part of all it's free to use!

Disadvantages is that you need a lot of money upfront for this kind of technology which can be expensive. Plus there are several other factors, including the cost of the device itself; its upkeep and maintenance costs over the course of its lifetime; how much it will take to train your AI on what you want them to do or if it's worth paying a human voice actor more than one thousand dollars per hour to record just a few seconds

Therefore we should carefully think about whether robots producing marketing videos would work in our company before using these devices because they may not suit all needs.

Robot's marketing video for business

AI machines or AI robot's produced marketing videos are the best option for the businesses because their creativity and imagination are very good. AI robots can produce a lot of different types of video content, including but not limited to explanatory animations, product demonstrations and testimonials from customers. And they never need any food or water breaks!

The AI robot's production company offers many levels or packages such as 30 seconds long promotional animation with voice over (“talking head") in one language only; 60-second promo animation with voiceover in two languages; 120-second demo reel which is an assortment of various clips that show the creative scope of what your campaign could be like. The pricing rates depend on the level you choose. There is also a free trial offer so you can see if the quality is what you are looking for.

Ai robots produce video sales letter

(VSL) video sales letters are a way to get the message about your company and products across. The video sales letter is a form of marketing that uses high-impact visuals, graphics and sound effects in order to generate interest in a product or service. Video sales letters also provide viewers with interesting information on the benefits they will receive if they purchase what's being offered. Ai robots produce the idea behind VSL is the belief that if a product is valuable, customers will want to know more about it.

Ai robots produce video testimonial

Video testimonials are a type of marketing tool in which individuals who have had positive experiences with your company or products speak on camera and attest to the quality of what you offer. This kind of footage can be used as online promotion for websites, through social media channels like YouTube or Facebook Live, or even embedded into an email campaign. Video testimonials appeal because they're interactive and give viewers the opportunity to see other people just like them experience success by using your services which could motivate others to do the same thing. Ai robots produce how powerful this technique can be when implemented correctly there's no better way than to connect with a potential customer on the first level of engagement.

Ai robots produce voice

It can produce voice over itself for a variety of purposes in marketing video. The AI robots also have the ability to generate natural sounding voice overs and sound effects for videos, animation or film. AI doesn't take any help from the human voice over artists. The AI robots are great for generating text to speech and lip sync videos as well.

Artificial intelligent robots produce video templates

All necessary templates for eye-catching videos are generated by artificial intelligent robots. These templates are generated by the AI robots and can be edited to meet the needs of each individual client.

Ai robots produce video ads

The artificial intelligent robots are capable of producing eye-catching videos for your business with its natural sounding voice overs, sound effects and text-to-speech function. The AI bots are able to produce different kinds of templates in one go depending on what you need it for Facebook video ad template, YouTube video intro template , YouTube channel banner design or Instagram story opener AI Robots has an answer to all these questions.

Robots vs human produce marketing videos

Robots produced marketing videos maintain the quality of the content and free up your time to focus on other important tasks. Robots are capable, fast and accurate in a way that humans cannot or will not be able to achieve similarly. The AI bots can produce marketing videos for all sorts of business such as small businesses who might need assistance with branding or companies who want an extra edge when it comes to online marketing strategies. The artificial intelligent robots are always there ready to help you out by producing high quality video ads at a very low cost .

On the other hand, human produced marketing videos are not capable of producing the quality ad needed in a competitive environment. Not only that, but human produced marketing videos are quite expensive and take more time to make which means you need to have an extensive strategy before beginning production. But voice over of video from humans looks more natural and the AI robots are not able to detect the voice of a person.

So, when it comes to marketing videos, which is better? Human produced or artificial intelligent robot made?

The answer is that both have their strengths and weaknesses but all in all human made ones seem to be more popular because they're easier on the eye than an animated image would be. The problem with having a bot make your advertisement for you is that people can tell if it's fake as soon as they hear the robotic tone of voice over .

When looking into this topic there seems to be no clear winner between human produced video ads versus those by AI bots but what does remain true is that neither one will work if either company doesn't have a good script.

Some people argue that the future of advertising is not in marketing videos but in product placement and this makes sense because movies, TV shows and other forms of media are all becoming more reliant on advertisers to be profitable so going back to the traditional methods might just actually work out for everyone involved.

The choice is yours when it comes to deciding between using AI robots or humans for your next project.

Do you want high-quality video ads with no hassle? Or would you prefer hiring someone who will provide mediocre service at a higher cost? Besides, Robots produce marketing videos to maintain the quality of the content and free up your time to focus on other important tasks. Robots are capable, fast and accurate in a way that humans cannot or will not be able to match. If anyone wants to grow their business fast and earn a place in a competitive market, then AI Robots marketing video is the best option because it is almost like a human.

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