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Black Hat Backlinks - Money Robot Ranking Tutorial

Nov 15, 2022


Have you been thinking about experimenting with black hat backlinks? Be honest...

If you are tired of doing white hat SEO and getting nowhere, and are ready to bend Google's rules a bit with some black hat linkbuilding, then this is the tutorial for you.

This video will show you exactly how the experts are building thousands of black hat PBN links overnight to rank their websites on page 1 of Googe for some insanely difficult keywords.

Manual outreach takes ages, and nobody has time to wait around for other bloggers to notice their website and link to it. Press releases are expensive. It's hard to find social media influencers in my niche. These are just some of the reasons people have for turning to black hat backlinks built with money robot.

Money robot is a tool that allows website owners and SEOs to rank their websites by creating thousands of tiered backlinks. Using spun content, the bot creates hundreds, or even thousands of similar blogs on a particular topic, and then links them together in different tiers to power up your website, without getting it penalized by Google. Also known as PBN links, these links work best when delivered over a long period of time. That is why many Money Robot users decide to drip-feed their campaigns, instead of banging out 10 at once.

When you start seeing results from using black hat backlinks, it can be tempting to just slam all of your websites with the cheap links. However, overdoing it with the cheap black hat backlinks can have unintended consequences. If you aren't careful, you could tank your website rankings with black hat backlinks.

How To create black hat backlinks using Money Robot

Money Robot is a powerful link building software used by professional SEO experts and freelancers alike. Anybody who wants to rank their website higher on Google can use the software for a small monthly fee (or one-time payment) and build thousands of new backlinks every month. One of the best features of the software is that it sends your links to an indexer automatically, so they get picked up by Google quickly.

Once you've signed up for the software and installed it (preferably on a VPS) you'll want to upload the template for your link tiers. You'll get instructions for how to do that when you register for the software, but its as simple as rightclicking inside the money robot window and selecting the template you want.

Once you've selected a template, it is time to setup your first Money Robot campaign. Simply tell the bot which site you are trying to rank, and for which keywords. You can also embed things like YouTube videos or Google maps in your Money Robot blogs. Although Money Robot refers to the site you are trying to rank as your "money site" I would not recommend putting your actual money site into the money robot software.

Instead, I would recommend using pointing the Money Robot links at your second or third tier links, and using it to power those up. Poiniting Money Robot links directly at your money site could result in a loss of rankings, or worse, getting penalized if the Google algorithm figures out what you're up to.

Do Money Robot links still work in 2023?

Yes, to the surprise of many so-called "white hat seos" Money Robot links still work to rank websites on Google in 2023 when used correctly. Of course, many people think it's as simple as spamming a few links and being king of the SERPS. But, unfortunately, ranking your website on Google using Money Robot links still requires a basic knowledge of SEO, and a solid SEO strategy.

Money Robot links work by providing context to the Google algorithm, and building the authority of a given domain for a particular keyword. Money Robot links can help increase your DA, PA, and overall ranking in the SERPS. However, it is not likely that Money Robot links will do this alone. Money Robot links must be used as part of an overall SEO strategy, rather than a one-stop-shop for ranking.

Are Money Robot links black hat?

Yes, Money Robot links are definitely black hat SEO. Google doesn't want you building any links soley for the purpose of increasing your website rankings. They especially don't like when you mass-build web pages using black hat SEO tools like Money Robot. But, there is a very low likelihood that Google will ever catch you using Money Robot. Furthermore, Google is just a large corporation, and their silly rules are not law. Did you ask Google to send bots to your website and index it in their servers? If your website isn't ranking on Google yet anyway, then you have nothing to lose. Go ahead, give black hat Money Robot backlinks a try!