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Best Starlink Alternative For Travlers And Digital Nomads (CHEAPEST MOBILE INTERNET PLANS COMPARED)

May 04, 2024



Finally, full-time travelers aren't required to drop thousands of dollars on Starlink just to stay connected while living out on the road (or off-grid in the backcountry!)

Dirt Cheap Data For Digital Nomads

More and more people are looking for ways to stay connected while living off-grid, so that they can fund their travels and make the best of their time on the road. For years, staying connected in remote places meant spending hundreds of dollars on a Starlink satellite dish, and then hundreds more per month in connection fees. But thanks to a new website called Dirt Cheap Data, which specializes in providing the cheapest prices for high speed internet for full-time travelers, digital nomads have options when it comes to their internet connection.

There are two huge disadvantes to using Starlink, aside from the price.

Number one, Starlink can be a huge drain on an RV's power system. If you spend time off-grid (and away from power hookups) you'll quickly learn that running Starlink can kill your battery in as little as just a couple of hours. Dirt Cheap Data, on the otehr hand, provides you with small router about the size of a hockey puck, with a 20 hour battery life.

The second disadvantage to Starlink is that the satellite dish needs a clear view of the sky. If you spend time in the woods (as many RVers and digital nomads do) your Starlink may struggle to stay connected. Dirt Cheap Data, on the other hand, not only runs off the cell tower network, but it connects to whicher service provider happens to have the strongest signal!

The bottom line is that for most RVers and full-time travelers, Dirt Cheap Data is a much more affordable option for mobile internet service. Dirt Cheap Data plans start as low as $80 per month, and even let you pay-as-you-go with no contract. Ultimately, if you want to get a hotspot with the most data for the lowest price possible, you'll want to go with Dirt Cheap Data.