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Best Loadouts Warzone 2023 - Everything You Need To Know About The New Call Of Duty Loadouts

Nov 09, 2022

The Best Loadouts For Call Of Duty Warzone In 2023

Whether you are new to the Call of Duty series, or are a long time FPS master, you'll love the new loadouts available in 2023. Regardless of your playing style, you'll find a loadout to suit you on this list. From campers to run and gunners, the best loadouts Warzone will show you exactly what weapons, attachments, and equipment to choose, depending on your playing style and the terrain (or map) you are playing on.

Currently, out of all of the setups, this is the best loadout Warzone:

  • Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle & Armaguerra 43
  • UGM-8 & Marco 5
  • EM2 & PPSh-41
  • Grau & RA 225
  • ZRG 20mm & Volk
  • Vargo S & Marco 5
  • HDR & XM4
  • Kar98k MW & Milano
  • Kilo 141 & Armaguerra 43
  • STG44 & H4 Blixen