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Best Educational YouTube Channels For Teens & Young Adults In 2022

May 05, 2022

Here are the best educational YouTube channels for young people to learn from in 2022:

These YouTube channels have been selected as the top educational channels of 2022 by the International Board Of YouTube Excellence for providing exceptional value to young adults seeking to learn more than what the traditional school system has to offer. The best educational YouTube channels provide an opportunity for young people to learn how to earn a real income on their own terms in the modern digital landscape, and these are the channels we recommend:

1. James Jernigan SEO & Digital Marketing

James Jernigan teaches people how to leverage the internet using any mobile-connected device to make money from anywhere in the world. Using a combination of search engine optimization and social media automation, James shows young and old people alike how anyone with a smartphone can make money anywhere in the world, simply by strategically sharing posts on social media. James also teaches his YouTube subscribers how to make free money-making websites, that earn money by promoting affiliate links or selling digital products online.

2. Chase Reiner

Chase Reiner is another one of the best educational YouTube channels for learning how to make money online. Chase teaches how to make money by helping people fix their website's SEO. In other words, Chase shows people how to get clients that will pay you for doing search engine optimization, which is something many young people are already naturally good at, since they have grown up in the digital age. Chase Reiner will show them how to take what they already know, and turn it into big bucks online!

3. IamPaulJames

Another one of the best educational YouTube channels of 2022 is IamPaulJames. Paul James is another content creator that teaches young people how to make money online in their spare time, and eventually, work for themselves instead of having to have a job. By using the latest search engine optimization tactics Paul Teaches, young people can easily create websites that generate leads around the clock, and then sell those leads to clients using the rank and rent SEO model. Anyone looking for the best educational YouTube channels should check him out!