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Automated Affiliate SEO: Profitable Blogging With AI Tools & Bots

Mar 29, 2022


Automated Affiliate SEO: Profitable Blogging With AI Tools & Bots

What if robots could really make you money online, while you were off doing whatever you want?

It sounds like every teenagers pipe dream... Robots doing the hard work, while you just relax and rake in the profits... But is it real?

While it's hard to believe, the short answer is YES!

Thanks to modern technology like artificial intelligence blog writers, and automated SEO tools like this one, virtually anybody can start making money online using affiliate marketing, and a few simple software programs.

How robots can make you money online while you sleep

It sounds too good to be true, right? I mean, really... Who would actually believe that they could just run a few software programs and collect a check?

The truth is, there is a little bit of work involved. Of course, you have to take the term "passive income" with a grain of salt. Surely, if there was really a way to make money dong nothing, we would all be doing it! However, when it comes to making money, automated affiliate marketing using robots is one of the easiest ways I've ever found!

Here's how it works:

  1. Find keywords with high search volumes and low competition
  2. Find an affiliate offer to promote that relates to your keywords
  3. Use content generating bots to create multimedia content around your keywords
  4. Promote your content (and affiliate links) on social media platforms like Tiktok, YouTube, and Facebook
  5. Use automated SEO tools to rank your content on Google so that you get unlimited free organic traffic
  6. Sit back and relax, knowing that when done right, organic traffic snowballs and increases automatically over time!

Where does the money actually come from with money-making robots?

The first question on everyone's mind is always: where does the money come from?

That is a fair question; it's not like the money just comes out of thin air...

When using robots, or more accurately, software to make money online, income can be generated a number of different ways.

Regardless of the structure of a business, whether it be service based, product based, brick and mortar, online, or what have you... Ultimately, making money online comes from making sales. The bottom line is, even if you are using robots, the money comes from customers making purchases. Whether they buy your product or service, or one you are promoting as an affiliate, you earn money when someone else spends it!

Pretty simple, right?

So now that we understand how people make money online, it is easy to see how robots can do the exact same thing, only faster! The tools linked at the top of this page are designed to automatically and instantly do tasks that take humans a lot of time. In other words it is actually you that is doing the content creating and selling, only you are using tools (aka robots) to do them on a much larger scale.

Instead of dealing with customers 1 on 1 (or having to hire a team) automated affiliate marketing allows bloggers to make hundreds, or even thousands of sales on their own. with the help of digital marketing tools!