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Amazon Swagbucks - How To Earn A Ton Of Swag Bucks And Redeem Them For Amazon Gift Cards!

Apr 06, 2022

Amazon Swagbucks - How To Earn A Ton Of Swag Bucks And Redeem Them For Amazon Gift Cards!

How would you like an extra $100 per month in spending money, just for using your phone like you normally do?


That is exactly why so many people have been downloading the Swagbucks app recently; because it pays you in Amazon gift cards, just for using your phone normally.

There are a number of extra tasks you can complete to earn even more Swag Bucks, such as answering questions, taking surveys, and watching videos. By spending just a few minutes per month using this app, you could be getting what is essentially "free money" sent to your Amazon or Paypal account every month! It's as simple as earning SB in the app, and redeeming them for Amazon cash.

Now, the first questions most people have are:

Is Swagbucks legit?

Is Swagbucks a scam?

Does Swagbucks actually pay out?

As you can see from the screenshots both above and below, SwagBucks does indeed pay out with real money; and quite generously, too! If you look closely, you will notice that I have actually been redeeming several gift cards each month, and I spend very little time using the app. If you actually made an effort, you could probably make some decent money from your phone, just by using Swagbucks!


Sometimes I redeem my Swag Bucks for PayPal gift cards, and sometimes I redeem them for Amazon gift cards. It just depends on what I want to use the money for. The cool thing is you can use swagbucks from either your phone or your computer, so it is very easy to multitask while you are at school, work, or anywhere else where have a few minutes to kill. If you really wanted to make as many Swagbucks as possible, you could probably use your smartphone and your computer to complete tasks and surveys at the same time to earn even more free money!

Redeeming Your Swag Bucks For An Amazon Gift Card - Exact Steps

It is super easy to redeem your SwagBucks for Amazon gift cards! Here is how:

The first thing you will want to do is obviously sign up for the app and start earning some SB (that's short for SwagBucks!) Assuming you've done that, the next step is to click the button that says "redeem rewards." Once you click that button, you will be taken to the rewards store, where you can browse the huge selection of gift cards available for purchase with Swag Bucks.

Once you find the gift card you want (assuming you have earned enough SB) you just click the button. Then, you will need to answer a simple security question, and confirm the code they send you to verify it is actually you. Then you are done! It usually takes a day or two for the gift card funds to show up in your account, but that's it... You are ready to earn more Swag Bucks!