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Amazon Stink Bombs?  Yes - You Can Actually Buy Stink Bombs On Amazon!

Nov 16, 2022

Shop The Best Stink Bombs On Amazon Now


Everyone knows that Amazon sells just about everything these days, but most people are surprised to find out that Amazon actually sells stink bombs! Not only does Amazon sell stink bombs, but they have a wider selection of stink bombs than the local prank store near you! When it comes to gag gifts like stink bombs, nobody has a wider variety of products available to ship straight to your door than Amazon.

The largest selection of stink bombs anywhere!

Most people wouldn't think of Amazon when they think of stink bombs, but the truth is, Amazon has become one of the largest sellers of stink bombs worldwide! So no matter if you are looking for the stink bombs that come in a glass vile, or the little foil pouches that pop a few seconds after you squeeze them, you'll find the stink bombs you're looking for on Amazon. Believe it or not, some stink bombs even qualify for Amazon prime, which means you may be able to have your stink bombs delivered later today!

Fart Bags, Liquid Ass Spray, And Stink Bombs Delivered To Your Door!

Want to pull a prank on your roomate, or make your boss the butt of a joke at work? Fart bags, liquid ass spray, and stink bombs are just a click away, and can be delivered straight to your door as soon as tomorrow, thanks to Amazon! Fart bags have long been a favorite prank of children, however, liquid ass spray has been increasing in popularity in recent years. Of course, there are always the old fashioned glass vial stink bombs available on Amazon, too.

YouTube is filled with prank videos of people sraying liquid ass in public, or worse, confinded spaces like a car or elevator. When someone sprays liquid ass, the best thing you can do is evacuate the area quickly, because pretty soon all you will able to smell is straight doo doo! Liquid ass is basically a poweful concentrated liquid that smells like fecal matter, and comes in a small spray bottle. People (mainly kids) use it to prank their friends, classmates, teachers, parents, and anyone else they think deserves a whiff of stank.

Love it or hate it, people will always love fart pranks. And as long as kids are looking to buy stink bombs, Amazon will be selling them. If you've ever wondered where the little pranksters get their hands on the foul smelling contraptions, now you know; they are getting stink bombs delivered to their door, directly from Amazon!

When someone sets off a stink bomb, panic usually ensues. People aren;t sure what is causing the awful smell at first, so they freak out. This is what creates so much joy for the juvenile pranksters responsible for setting off the fart bomb, they get a kick out of seeing peoples funny reactions to the awful smell. Aside from the foul odor, stink bombs are mostly harmless. Just don't get the rotten smelling liquid on your clothes, or you will have a hard time getting the smell out, and may have to get rid of them.