10 Artificial Intelligence Toys That Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

Nov 28, 2022

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10 Artificial Intelligence Toys That Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

What did kids do before there were AI toys to occupy their time? Actually, I’m not sure what kids did before they had toys at all, but one thing’s for sure – they didn’t have any of these awesome AI toys that you can buy today! If you still have the heart of a kid, then you’ll absolutely love these 10 amazingly cool, fun and high-tech AI toys that can keep your little boy or girl occupied for hours on end.

AI toys are the way of the future. They use AI technology to mimic human emotions and interactions. They're perfect for any man-child who misses the days of being a kid. All you need is a little imagination to create your own world with these AI toys.

With so many different AI toys out there, it can be hard to know what one to buy and which ones will actually be fun to play with. Here’s a list of ten different types of AI toys that are sure to bring joy not just to the child, but to the child in every adult man-child!

Best AI Toys Of 2023

1) robot humanoide con servo motors

Robots that move and feel like humanoids are the new hot toys for kids and grown-ups alike. These robots have servo motors that allow them to move in a lifelike manner. AI toys with servo motors to make you feel like a kid again!

This year is shaping up to be a big one for robots, but there’s nothing quite as heartwarming as a humanoid in your family home. this one of some of the best AI toys with servo motors around right now.

2) Anki Cozmo

A new player in the AI toy industry, Anki Cozmo is a small robot that can be used for games and projects. With a camera on its nose, Cozmo is able to recognize people and objects in its environment. It also has a range of different facial expressions and animations to show its mood. The company envisions it as the perfect sidekick for kids to have fun with, play with alone or together, or use it as an interactive piece of art in their home.

3) Jibo

A product that has been getting a lot of buzz lately is Jibo, an artificially intelligent interactive smart speaker and home companion. Jibos can be used to set reminders, have conversations, take pictures and videos, play music, provide weather reports, read e-books and more. Plus, you can even call up friends on Skype with your Jibo! 

Jibo is just one of the many AI toys that are in development or on the market today. 

4) Kuri

Kuri is an artificial intelligence toy that functions as a home robot. Kuri has been designed to move around your space, interact with people and remember what you like. The more time you spend with Kuri, the more it will learn about you. It can even play games with you and act out your favorite stories. It also has a built-in camera so it can capture memories and share them on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. If you have a knack for robotics and programming skills, Kuri could be your new pet project! 

5) NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit

The NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit is the perfect choice for AI developers and makers looking to build smart, connected devices. The kit features the Jetson Nano, a low-power system-on-module (SoM) based on NVIDIA's latest AI supercomputer architecture; and a selection of sensors, displays, and other hardware. The Jetson Nano Developer Kit includes an easy-to-use software development environment that lets you create sophisticated AI applications with just a few lines of code. Jetson Nano delivers up to 40 times the performance of its predecessor - the Tegra K1 SoC - as well as faster image processing capabilities for computer vision tasks like object detection or tracking.

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6) Ozobot Bit

Ozobot Bit is a tiny robot that can be controlled by a tablet or other smart device. The way it works is you draw shapes on your screen and the Ozobot Bit will follow along. It's not just for kids, though. Adults love this toy because they can use their creativity to build puzzles and games for their friends to try!

7) Sphero SPRK+

Sphero SPRK+ is an AI toy with a lot of potential. It can be used to teach children about code and the basics of robotics. It's also got open-source programming software, so kids can make their own games for it. And it looks like it would make a great gift for any kid who loves technology. The only downside? The price tag is a bit high. But if your child has always wanted to learn more about coding and robotics, then you may want to give this toy some consideration this holiday season!

8) Star Wars BB-8 App-Enabled Droid

One of the newest AI toys on the market is the Star Wars BB-8 App-Enabled Droid. This toy really is a sight to behold, and it's more than just a toy. It's responsive, smart, and interactive with its surroundings. The coolest thing about this AI toy though is that it can move autonomously! If you want to make this droid go somewhere, all you have to do is say go there in order for it to take off in that direction.

This isn't just any ordinary remote control car. This latest AI toy from Sphero has an app that allows you to control it with your phone or tablet!

9) Ubtech Jimu Robot MeeBot Kit

The Ubtech Jimu Robot MeeBot Kit is an AI toy that resembles the classic tin robot toy. The kit comes with instructions to build your robot and a download to your phone for programming it. Once your finished, you'll have a lifelike, expressive robot that follows voice commands and carries out tasks like turning lights on and off. 

The MeeBot Kit is one of many AI toys in the market that takes on the physical shape of a toy or animal. These AI toys are meant to be interactive companions, or educational tools for teaching children about robotics or artificial intelligence.

10) Wonder Workshop Dash Robot

What could be better than creating your own robot to explore the world with? The Wonder Workshop Dash Robot allows kids to program their robots using a variety of different programming languages. With over 600 hours of coding curriculum, this is the perfect toy for any aspiring programmer! 

How do AI toys work?

The Dash Robot can explore on its own or you can use it as a remote control car and make it do flips, turns and more. It's also got an in-built camera that lets kids see what they're doing while they play or drive. For kids who want to get out there and have adventures, this is a great way to do it. 

Maybe your child's dream is to create their own game. This AI Toy allows them to do just that!

The year 2022 may have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy some of the fun toys that were released during the holiday season. With artificial intelligence toys on the market today, you can bring the thrill of playing with AI back into your home all year round, so you’ll never have to feel too old to be truly entertained by toy robots again! 10 amazing AI toys that are sure to make you feel like a kid again!

It's no secret that kids are starting to get more and more tech savvy. They're constantly asking for the newest iPhone, iPad or other gadgets in order to stay on top of the newest technology trends. So when we were browsing through our favorite stores, we came across a few artificial intelligence toys that made us feel like kids again. We've included some of the most popular AI toys below for your convenience.

Kids these days are all about AI toys. These toys have advanced artificial intelligence that responds to the child's play and adjusts accordingly. For example, if a child is pretending to cook in the kitchen with one of these AI toys, then it will recognize what they are doing and respond appropriately. The toy will know if they're using a microwave, oven or stovetop. It can even tell when a child is trying to make eggs, toast or pancakes! There are also games that can be played with these AI toys that use augmented reality to project animations onto any flat surface. This makes the environment come alive as kids play with their new favorite toy!